Designer or Developer. What should I call myself?

Am I a web designer because I design websites? Or am I a web developer because I write all the code? I used to think "developer" because it just sounds like it's the more technical aspect of what I do. But then I realized that when I'm writing code, whether it be XHTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, or whatever, I'm not just hacking some random code together, I'm actually "designing" the interactive experience. Since I take great pride in both aspects of the design, I'm gonna stick with web designer if that's cool with you.


Have a look at some of the past work I've done. Hmmm… “past” work? I guess it would be impossible for me to post "future" work here. It's kind of like saying "Here's a picture of me when I was younger.” Every picture of you is when you were younger.

Technical Details

If you’re not familiar with the following list of platforms and interactive tools, don’t worry. I can help you understand the solutions that will best achieve the results you want. If you do happen to understand all this crazy geek talk then kudos to you; you've done your homework.


With a great understanding of color, flow, and how users interact and navigate Web sites, I'll work with you to design a site that we can both be proud to show our current and prospective clients.


I've spent countless hours learning the best ways to create powerful, unobtrusive JavaScript to add spice and extended functionality to the web without getting in the way.


Many people "know" XHTML, but few know the true power of valid, well-organized semantic markup. It will make your site easier to maintain and more visible to search engines.


I pride myself in building valid W3C compliant Web sites using CSS for layout and style. Understanding the intricacies of different browsers, I make sure that your site will look the same regardless of browser.


AJAX is a set of technologies that allows dynamic content to be loaded into your Web page without having to refresh the entire page. It improves the overall user experience and saves bandwidth.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a fast development framework for database-driven applications. Having hand-coded an application from scratch in Ruby on Rails, I've learned a great deal about the drawbacks and virtues of this amazing platform.